What makes a pile of construction materials that composes a house into a Home?  What transforms a collection of these structures from a subdivision into the close-knit family of a Community?  During the recent Homeowner Appreciation event, I had the opportunity to mingle with the residents of Sugar Creek Park to better understand what has made this unique community such a desirable place to live and turned their house into their Home.

While it may seem obvious that the most significant element in answering these questions are the people that live in the homes and comprise the community, this leads to yet another question.  What is so special about Sugar Creek Park that has drawn the kind of people that were able to grow from a group of individuals into a family of neighbors and friends? Based upon my conversations, it seems that there a isn’t one single factor, but rather a wide variety of things such as: location, the tranquility of the surroundings,  the novel floorplans, the quality of the workmanship and design, and the resulting feeling of value that has made Sugar Creek Park such a desirable place to live.

Neil loves the convenience of the ITP location, being so close to I-20, downtown and Midtown, while still having a suburban-like tranquility inside the neighborhood. He and his husband found their perfect floorplan when they saw the Barrett. It was love at first sight after looking for months. This plan fits their lifestyle – their spacious dining room is just the right spot for their informal dinner parties. This is the floorplan you can see in the photos below!

Eric and Allison fell in love with the Carrington Floor Plan because of its open concept.  They can prepare food and cook while watching TV or chatting with others in the Family Room.  We have a Carrington plan currently available on Lot 2 at 2014 Yellow Finch Trail. You can find details of this home in last week’s blog post!

Tressha loves living next door to our Nature Preserve with its mulched paths through the old growth trees. It’s a great spot for getting some fresh air, getting some exercise or just walking your dog down to Sugar Creek.

The most often cited reason by the homeowners for why they bought their home in Sugar Creek Park was the value they feel they have gotten. Nowhere else could they find the quality of construction, the amount of space and the included features at such a good price.

Come visit Sugar Creek Park to discover your very own reasons to become a member of this special community. Jennifer is at the Model Home every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1-5PM. It is located at 2022 Yellow Finch Trail.

Listen out for more blog posts from us and see when our next event will be!