Going Green

West Main Home Company takes GOING GREEN to a whole new level. In a conscious effort to conserve the environment by avoiding harsh chemicals and heavy machinery, this local builder has hired environmentally friendly land-clearing goats. “These adorable grazers will be paving the way for new construction in several of our new communities, as well as a much desired three-acre nature preserve at Sugar Creek Park,” says Tim Shipskie. Tim and his wife Cassie, the creative forces of WMHC, have been working in the home building industry over 20 years and are extremely excited about this move to “greener pastures”.

The Pla-aa-aaan

West Main Home Company is employing goats from Atlanta’s own Get Your Goat Rentals, and will be using them in three of their newly built communities within Decatur:

Garden Circle Commons – Off 2nd Ave

Birkdale Village – Off Tilson Rd

Sugar Creek Park – Off Gresham Rd

The Benefits

According to Tim, the benefits of hiring goats are many:

  • They are FAST! One goat can clear up to 10-12 lbs of foliage a day. A team of 50 goats can clear 4 acres in 12 days.
  • They save trees! No more bulldozing construction sites. Goats maintain the lay of the land and will leave those beautiful trees standing.
  • They leave natural fertilizer! One of the most common uses for goat manure is fertilizer. Goat droppings are pelletized and nearly odorless, which means fewer flies and other unwanted insects. How awesome is that!?
  • They are thorough! Goats can get to places that machines and mowers can’t reach.
  • They’re cute! (And fun to watch.) Come see for yourself.

The Event

West Main Home Company invites the public to come out and watch these goats eat their way through some serious kudzu. “They are extremely entertaining,” says Cassie and also mentions that King of Pops will be providing FREE popsicles for the event. Goats and popsicles? Sounds like a win-win! Come support a growing trend in Atlanta, enjoy a tasty treat, and meet some hard-working “kids”.

Saturday, September 8th, 3-5pm
Birkdale Village, 2620 Tilson Rd, Decatur, GA 30032

For more information or to RSVP, head on over to West Main Home Company’s Facebook page.