Brand-New Products and Warranty

Products and appliances in a re-sale can be old and need to be replaced. After the costs of buying a home, can you afford to replace all the older appliances? Even if financials are not the issue, it still adds a large amount of stress to an already taxing process. A new construction home will not need as much maintenance for a while after closing. And if it does, it’s typically under warranty and will require less money and stress to get the issues fixed.

Choose Your Finishes!

If you find the home of your dreams early on in the construction phase, or maybe design it from scratch, you get to choose your finishes and features. This means the countertops, flooring and paint colors are put in before you close on the home. No replacing older shag carpets or tearing out vinyl countertops! The day you move in, everything is already as you want it, in your style.

Monthly Cost Savings

New homes have the advantage of using newer technology to help save and conserve energy. For example, most new construction homes come with double or even triple-pane windows, while homes built 10 years ago will typically have single-pane. That alone costs you more in both heating and cooling seasons, as single-pane windows will allow your home to cool down or heat up way more. There’s also the issue of having more consistent maintenance done to an older home, costing an arm and a leg for certain issues.

Up-To-Date Style

New construction homes are current with today’s demands and styles everyone is looking for. Whether you buy a spec home or help design it from scratch, you can be sure it’s up to date with the newest trends. Open floorplans, large walk-in closets, nicer master baths, kitchen islands, etc.


Oftentimes, new construction neighborhoods have amenities such as nature walks, pools, playgrounds, community areas, etc. This is a huge advantage for people who are looking for a community and a safe, fun neighborhood to raise a family in! Our neighborhood, Sugar Creek Park, has a lovely nature walk!

We hope this may sway you to come take a look at some of our high quality, beautiful, new construction neighborhoods! In fact, if you liked those pictures we posted up there, you should definitely come see our neighborhoods. Those are photos from homes we have finished!

We’ll be taking a break on the blogs for the holidays, and everyone here at West Main hopes you have a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year! Listen out for us the week after New Years, when we’ll be back with all the best events happening around ATL in January.