Whether you’re in a new home or a fixer upper, it’s never a bad idea to work on projects that will increase the price of your home once you’re ready to sell. Here’s a few options that are guaranteed to do just that!

1. Knock Down Some Walls

One of the top things buyers look for these days is an open concept floorplan. The more shared space, the better! This lends to those who love to entertain, and allows for a lot more design options. While this is a bigger project, it’s one that can increase the value of your home immensely and gives you the option to use your home in a more meaningful and unique way.

2. Natural Light

People are drawn to the lightest, brightest rooms in any home. The Family Room is the heart of every home and the more windows, the better! If your Family Room needs more natural light, cut out space for windows, if possible. Maybe change the back door into a sliding glass door if you can or even add some skylights! Having more natural light not only lights rooms in a comfortable and appealing way, sunlight makes us all feel better.

3. Modernize Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms can make or break a sale. They are absolutely the most important rooms to buyers. Having an up-to-date master bath is very important. Bathrooms typically show the wear and tear of a home before any other rooms do, and keeping them as current as possible will do you good when your home is on the market. For all buyers, even if they don’t cook often, having an attractive kitchen is always high-priority. If you re-design your kitchen with a few great features (attractive countertops, island with a sink, walk-in pantry) you could sell your home in a minute!

4. Less is More

One of the easiest ways to make your home more attractive to buyers is to de-clutter. You want your home to be super clean, organized and clutter free. If you are putting it on the market, eliminate (or hide) evidence of your pets. Put away all of your kids’ toys. Buy containers that you can keep all of these kinds of things in. Clear away papers and magazines. Take down personal photos and everything that you have stuck to the front of your refrigerator. It’s almost as if you want your house to look as if no one lives there. Think “Model Home.”

5. Your Yard (Or, For Some of Us, Your Patio)

Since we’re in a larger city, yards aren’t always a given in a home! Especially since townhomes are very popular, particularly with first-time buyers. But, 95% of homes have an outdoor section of some kind, whether it’s a back patio, a front porch, a yard, or just a balcony. One feature that instantly makes your home desirable is an attractive outdoor area. Even those of us who aren’t very outdoorsy people need to get some fresh air! You’ll always have someone who wants to sit outside on a nice spring night and enjoy the sunset. So add some plants! Grow a few colorful flowers, provide some attractive outdoor seating, maybe a mini-fridge and grill if you have a back patio. Take care of your outdoor areas, making them inviting and appealing to the eye.

We hope this is a helpful list to some of you trying to gear up your house to go on the market! Or, maybe this is a useful tool to stay busy and find new projects while social distancing.

If you’re reading this because you’re ready to sell your house, give us a call. We can help get it sold in record time!