Splurge On Your Bathroom

You spend time every day in your bathroom, why not make it a little prettier? And with it being one of the smallest rooms in most homes, it’s definitely easier to ball on a budget when redecorating them!

Add Some Color To Your Kitchen!

We’ve started to see less and less all-white kitchens, and a lot more colorful cabinets. If you love a color and have accents to match it, commit! Plenty of people are doing navy cabinets right now, and we are definitely here for this newest trend.

Floral, Floral, Floral!

Whether it’s real plants in the home or the print of your curtains, floral is making a comeback in 2020. We’re seeing more and more plants than just decorations or knick knacks, bringing life and greenery into your home. Plus, most floral patterns no longer have that old, dated feel to them! Bring some color and life to your everyday items with these prints.

Vintage Is The New Modern

“What goes around, comes back around”, or whatever Justin Timberlake said. It doesn’t just apply to karma, we’re seeing vintage items in the home more and more. So go grab that old cabinet your mom left in her attic! Not to mention, all the antique and garage sales in Atlanta are never-ending and have the best hidden gems. This is going to be the cheapest redecoration ever.

Another comeback kid is wallpaper! No, not your grandmother’s – there have been a few changes made. In 2018-19, wallpaper started experiencing a comeback covering some of the most stylish interiors on Instagram and Pinterest. This return is forecasted to trend well beyond 2020. According to Google, “Bold print wallpaper” searches are 401% higher than in years past.

Mix It Up!

Gone are the days you have to choose between just brushed nickel, polished chrome or oil rubbed bronze for your hardware and light fixtures. Everybody apparently got tired of matching everything up, so mixing is the newest style. And there are several new metals to choose from – brushed brass, champagne gold, rose gold, black stainless. Mix metals, textures, patterns, you name it! We call it eclectic and it’s the best way to get a little bit of everything in your home.

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