While we’re all stuck inside due to the Covid-19 virus, we’re all looking for something to kill the time! Here are a few ideas.

1. Deep Cleaning

If you haven’t already, take a day to deep clean the house! You finally have the time to clean in those corners you always forget about or are too hard to reach after a day at the office. Turn on some music and make a day out of it! And I can personally attest to this tip- drinking a little wine while cleaning makes it feel a little less like work.

2. In-Home Workouts

Our gyms are closed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get some exercise in! There’s plenty of websites and videos on Youtube to help you get the workout you need from the living room, 1980’s style. It may not be as good as the gym, but it’s better than nothing!

3. Learn Something New!

Have you been telling yourself you’re going to take a Spanish class? Or maybe learn how to make candles? Now is the time! If you’re like me, you’ve been telling yourself for the past year that you’ll learn a new language one of these days. Duolingo is one of many great apps for that! If you can do it from your home, consider finding your next hobby!

4. Declutter

Take a page from Marie Kondo, and go through your things. Sort through your junk drawer, try on all your clothes, wade through all the kitchen supplies. Is it a necessity or does it “Spark Joy”? If not, toss it! You’ll feel detoxed and new, just in time for Spring! And once the curve is flattened and you are sure you can’t pass the virus along, you can donate all of your things to those in need!

5. Baking

Are you a baker or a sweets-lover? Now is the time to try making some new deserts! Baking takes up a lot of time and requires focus- which is definitely something we all can do right now! Macaroons are a great desert to try, not only because they would take up a huge chunk of time, but because they’re so delicious! Tasty is a great site with all kinds of recipes to try, and here’s some recipes specifically for quarantine baking!

6. Virtual Hang-Outs

Missing your friends or family? Try setting up a time for everyone to get on Skype! You might have to spend a little extra time on the phone with the grandparents while they’re setting it up, but that’s only more time filled with something other than Netflix. Bonus- you can make that time a fun happy hour! It’ll be like you’re all out grabbing drinks together.

7. Learn New Cocktails

If you love trying new drinks but don’t know how to make much other than a vodka-tonic, now’s a great time to try out some classics like Old Fashions, Manhattans, Negroni’s and more! Plus, there’s all kinds of different cocktails out there besides the well-known ones. It’ll come in handy for your virtual happy hours!

8. Taxes

Just because they extended the deadline doesn’t mean you should wait until then! Don’t put it off any longer- get those taxes over with. Unfortunately, I also need to take my own advice so you’re not alone, fellow procrastinators!

9. Watch That Show

We now have more than enough time to finally watch Game of Thrones with the rest of the world. I can no longer use the excuse that “I just don’t have time for a show that long”, especially after social distancing guidelines were extended to April 30th. Mother of Dragons, here I come.

10. Write a Letter To Your Loved Ones

Most of us are having to stay far away from some of the most important people in the world- moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas. Aunts and Uncles, cousins and siblings. It’s hard to be away from some of them for so long and be so worried for their health as most of us are. Now is the time to be calling, video-chatting and writing. Even if you are talking to them on the phone every day, consider a handwritten note. Seeing your loved ones handwriting and having something so personal can make a big difference in a time like this.

Everyone here at West Main hopes you’re all staying safe out there and following the guidelines for social distancing! The better we are at this, the quicker it will be over. We’ll be back with more updates on our neighborhoods soon so watch out for more blog posts!